Sort of true. They can use Skrulls so long as they only ever exist on TV. The way the rights deals are written up it is only film depictions that are off limits (which is why all these characters can show up in the various Marvel cartoon properties). » 10/23/14 8:25am Thursday 8:25am

A deleted scene from Superman 2 actually shows that Superman didn't kill Zod or the other Phantom Zone Kryptonians. As it turned out, the gaps in between those crystal pedestals weren't as deep as we were led to believe. The cut scene showed them carted off in handcuffs... » 10/19/14 4:39pm 10/19/14 4:39pm

On one hand, it makes a lot of sense that WB would take the stand that they have on fun-vs-grimdark. The studio heads don't give two warm shits about the characters or stories. All they are looking at are the $$$. From that standpoint, they are looking at all the dumptrucks full of money that dark, brooding Nolan-Man… » 10/19/14 4:33pm 10/19/14 4:33pm

That was one thing that sort of bugged me about that film. I really enjoyed it overall, but it always stuck me as odd that the version of 1999 portrayed was pretty much exactly like the real world except now we can record and playback memories with amazing fidelity and the only thing this amazing breakthrough in… » 10/16/14 5:56am 10/16/14 5:56am